About the manufacturers of the PIR production

Gór-Stal is a Polish company which was established in 2003. Gór-Stal is one of the largest Polish producers of sandwich panels and termPIR insulation panels. With over twelve years of experience and extensive knowledge, we have a good understanding of market needs, so we create products and solutions that provide our customers with real benefits.

termPIR insulation panels

Gór-Stal is a manufacturer of termPIR insulation panels. Polyisocyanurate panels are used as a component of thermal insulation systems. They are used to insulate foundations, walls, exterior walls, ceilings, terraces and balconies, flat roofs, and pitched roofs. They provide efficient thermal insulation as compared to other construction materials such as mineral wool or foamed polystyrene. They allow for cost-effective, long-lasting, and safe use of a house or an apartment.

Products we represent:

termPIR AL

  1. The double-sided panel lining is made of KRAFT paper covered with aluminium (AL)
  2. The core of the panel is made of rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) with very good insulating and fire-resistance properties
  3. Edges are milled for ease of installation and improvement in thermal insulation. Milling can be performed as follows: FIT – Straight edges, LAP– Overlap edges , TAG* – Tounge and Groove

* milled board covering surface is lessened by 15 mm

termPIR AL

  • Type of core - Rigid polyisocyanurate foam (PIR)
  • Apparent density of core [kg/m3] - 30 (+6/-2)
  • Declared heat conductivity coefficient λD[W/m*K] - λD = 0,022
  • Board facing - KRAFT paper covered with aluminium (AL)
  • Board dimensions [mm] - 600 x 1200 ; 1200 x 2400
  • Joint types - FIT - Straight edges, (LAP - Overlap , TAG - Tounge and Groove ​​​​- on request)
  • Thickness [mm] - from 20 to 250 mm
  • Fire reaction classification - E
  • Compressive strength - ≥ 120 kPa

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