Description: Rubber tiles are producing in flat bottom, which are glued to concrete background or with ribbed bottom, which  installed on sand based background. The tiles are  used on the flat roof as a walking area, in children playgrounds, non professional sports playgrounds, terraces, side walks around pools or garden, in GYMs indoor and outdoor. Plastic connection joints are included.

CFH – 0.7-3.00 m According to EN 1176-1:2008 and EN1177:2008.

  • Dimensions:500 × 500 mm; 1000 × 1000 mm
  • Height:20 – 90 mm
  • Weight:17,9 - 76.8 kg / sq. m.
  • Colours:Red, green, black, grey
  • Safe fall height:0,7 m - 3,0 m