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We are a well-experienced company. Our quality assurance is our work. We provide quality services. Our goal is to always satisfy requests of our customers and gain their confidence. We work using the highest quality equipment and materials. We strive selecting the materials that are not only serviceable and durable but also pose no threats both to people and to the nature, as this is important for us. We provide a variety of services related to roofing, roof repair and maintenance. Our range of services includes flat roofs: we carry out the roofing and repair works by selecting the required high quality materials, and guarantee the durability and quality of the roofing. We also provide roof maintenance services, as well as carry out plumbing works.

Roofing Services

Roof Maintenance Services

Plumbing Services

Being professionals, we carry out every task with due responsibility. We use the highest quality materials, as well as we use only professional equipment, apply the most up-to-date solutions, modern technologies and systems that are popular and well-tested all over the world.

The main service in our range of services is roofing. We install flat roofs, as well as we work with varied roofing. The most important issue is to properly select the roofing most suitable for an object. There are several most popular roofing intended for flat roofs available: EPDM, TPO, and bitumen roofing. All of these have their own pluses and minuses, therefore, when selecting the most suitable one, a variety of factors need to be assessed: location, climate, etc.

Nothing lasts forever. Although we guarantee the durability of the roofs we install, they will still require maintenance and repair after some time. Our company carries out quality inspection of flat roofs. Using professional and modern equipment, we detect visible and even invisible damages to the roof, which, if dealt with in due time, helps to prevent the possibility of a greater damage.

Making use of our modern equipment, we quickly spot cracks that sometimes may be not visible to the naked eye. We are also able to check large areas within a short time. We professionally evaluate the causes of the damage to the roof, and determine the areas that require repair.

Thus, our services are professional and well-tested. We work with the highest quality equipment, therefore, we carry out our work quickly and efficiently, and ensure the reliability of our services.

In addition to our roofing-related services, we can also offer plumbing services to our current and future customers. When carrying out the projects, we install high quality and reliable fitment: plastic pipes, steel pipes, radiators, and floor heating. We can ensure the reliability of our work and materials, as we only use the equipment having the full quality guarantee provided by the manufacturer.