• Profy Plus Titanium is a torch made of ultralight TITANIUM. It has been designed by Calloni to lighten the hard and tiring daily work of waterproofing professionals in particular for longlasting jobs. In fact, its weight is reduced by 30% compared to standard torches.
  • It has a double valve regulation system with:
    main valve with handwheel by which the flow of gas can be opened, cut off and regulated
    – calibration valve with handwheel which controls the low point (to prevent the starting flame
    from reaching a dangerous length) and for gas saving
    – lever to obtain the maximum outlet flame
  • It has been designed in accordance with European Standards EN ISO9012.
  • Each torch undergoes a thorough final test.
  • Profy Plus Titanium is available with fixed stem (Profy 1 Plus Titanium) and with interchangeable
    stem (Profy 2 Plus Titanium)