High Quality Materials

for our Safety and Safety of the Future Generations

We are a reliable international company. We carry out variety of projects the success of which helps us to remain competitive in the market. We offer the highest quality materials that guarantee and ensure not only the safety of your home but also your own safety. CB2BS is the first and the only tire recycling company in the Baltic States, which provides the guarantee concerning the quality and reliability of its products. In order to contribute to the efforts intended to take care of the environment and to preserve health, we can offer not only the quality and durability of materials but also ensure your safety and that of the nature.

Our products are eco-friendly. This means that the materials used in our products are completely safe both in terms of your health and the environment. It is important for us that our products would meet the highest quality requirements. The safety and reliability is what constitutes our major advantages.

Furthermore, being recycled, our products are less hazardous and more environmentally friendly. Being aware of the extent of environmental pollution, by our produce we aim to contribute to the preservation and protection of the nature to at least some extent. At the same time, we ensure the quality and durability of materials.

Comfort and quality is important to everyone. Our home is the place, were we wish to enjoy the greatest comfort and feel absolutely safe. It has been not once that we have been exposed to some uncomfortable and unreliable surfaces, walking on which may be quite insecure because of the risk of slipping, falling and injuries. This is especially true when we think of our children. Everyone wants to feel safe, and especially so when at home.

Therefore, one of our most popular products is rubber tiles. Made of elastomeric fibres of rubber, they make a perfect protection from injuries in the areas, where the activities involving movement take place. These rubber tiles are used for flooring of walking sites, terraces, and the areas around pools.

When installing a playground for their children, many parents feel concern and worry about the safety of the little ones. They fear that children may fall, slip, or get injured. By selecting our rubber tiles, the customers are relieved of these worries. The tiles reduce the risk of slipping, falling, or getting hurt. The playground with the flooring made of these tiles ensures the safety and reliability for your children, so you will be relieved of worries of this kind.

Our tiles are of different thickness and colour. It is possible to create playful tiles with designs intended for children, which not only will ensure the safety of the playground but will also bring even more joy to your children.

We think about our future and that of the others, therefore, when it comes to our products, we choose only the best: we select materials carefully, taking into consideration their composition. It is important for us that our products are not only high quality and durable, but also harmless to humans and the environment. This way, the gain is threefold: we have high quality and durable products that are environmentally friendly and innocuous.

We can offer high quality professional roofing equipment made in Italy.

Each product has a special design, which is stylish, as well as designed by professionals and tailored for professionals.

We can offer you stylish burners of extremely high quality, which are manufactured according to European standards, as well as tested and verified.

Our range also includes stainless steel burners, which will serve you longer. These burners are strong, durable, as well as verified and tested, and therefore ensure the professional quality of work.

One more piece of equipment that we offer is hot-air blowlamps. They are designed to carry out works in locations where the use of an open flame is unadvisable and dangerous. Thus, these lamps ensure the safety for you and your work environment.

All our equipment is designed for professionals. In addition to being high-quality and reliable, it is also very stylish, designed for special use and tailor-made for each of you.

Even with the highest quality roofs, sooner or later, the time comes when you need to renew them. The most important thing is to identify the problem in time and properly resolve it. To this end, we have a variety of tools to help you diagnose the issue timely and prevent bigger problems.

One of the most up-to-date solutions is the CONTROLIT system, which enables detecting the affected areas quickly and easily. It is the testing of the waterproofing layer based on the high-voltage pulse method, which allows you to check all nonconductive waterproofing layers. The CONTROLIT system consists of two components: an electrically conductive layer and connection contacts.

SIPs: the system of Structural Insulated Panels is a special modern technology, which ensures strength and high thermal resistance. Due to its special composition, SIPs are used for construction of exterior walls, spans, roofs and internal partitions. These panels absorb hardly any moisture, therefore, mould does not form and there are no reasons for the decay processes to start. This enables, where necessary, to have your house non-heated. The SIPs system is several times stronger and tighter than a conventional timber frame house, which makes it a much better choice, and a particularly suitable option for your holiday home.