Roof maintenance service

Flat Roofing, Roof Coating and maintenance Services

UAB “EPDM Systems” performs flat roof tensile testing and roofing quality assessment work. We do this using the special equipment we have available, which we choose according to the roof under test and its mounting method. During the test, we find all damage to the roof covering, whether visible or not. We will manage critical roof points and provide conclusions on necessary repairs.

Advantages of innovative testing

1. Discover cracks that can not be spotted naked
2. Test even very large areas in a short time
3. The assessment of whether visible moisture is a consequence of damage to the roofing or the formation of condensation
4. The tests do not require a new roof covering the entire roof – identify the exact areas for which repair is required
5. Quickly and most importantly, the newly installed roofs are effectively tested before they are put into operation

An ideal method for testing EPDM, TPO or PVC roofing if the cover is mechanically mounted or used in a ballistic system. The principle of the test is simple: smoke will find the closest way up – so they will rise upwards as “mini geysers” through each roofing slot, so as to accurately report where the damaged area is. Smoke penetrates even through the smallest cracks and is well visible – making it a very convenient way to discover cracks not only in flat roofs but also in piping systems.

The test, regardless of the roofing and mounting system, shows the drainage of moisture and heat. With the help of an experienced specialist and thermovisor, you can quickly check large areas and detect even the slightest damage to the coating.

This method is applicable to the testing of composite bitumen or EPDM, TPO, PVC coatings, for which an adhesive system was used for mounting. Electrical pulse testing can be carried out in dry and wet conditions, depending on the current situation that our specialists estimate. The main test principle is to generate a pulse by connecting an electric current to the base.